Order your Sagat/Toura (finger cymbals)

Sagat/Toura from Egypt

I’ve been working with my teacher Hany Morgan to create the perfect Sagat/Toura for those looking to buy a quality, well made set that is perfect for practice or performance in the musician style/technique of playing.


These are Brass, made by a local craftsman in Cairo. Approximately 8cm (to 8.5cm) diameter (3.25”) and have a wonderful weight to them. They produce that beautiful deeper sound that you hear in Sufi, Zar, and Shaabi music. These are not technically made to be danced with, however I have used similar sized ones to experiment with adding the musician style technique to my dance practice and it’s a lot of fun!

Videos below show size and sound example from previous orders. Remember: these are made for sound quality, and there is no ornate detailing on the top surface. Expect some dark areas/marks and texturing on the surface. 

*If you'd like them made slightly smaller at approx. 6.5/7cm, please note that in your order. They price is the same however. 


They are $95 usd + shipping, by order only. Please note the shipping price is for US and Canadian buyers. For other international orders, please contact me about the shipping price. 

If you’d like to order a pair please use the PayPal button below!


Please contact me at melissagamal@gmail.com with any questions

Orders for August 2021 are now closed.

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