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Sagat and Toura from Egypt

Sagat and Toura from famous instrument maker Gawharet el Fan in Egypt.  Great for students or professional dancers! 

Sagat details: 2.25" wide, 2-slot opening for elastic. comes with leather pouch (pouch colour will vary). Perfect for dancers! *See picture on left

Toura details: 3.5" wide, 1-hole opening for elastic. Design on Toura vary, please contact me to choose your set. (no leather pouch with these, sorry). Perfect for Musicians or dancers looking to explore musican style technique on bigger cymbals!
*See picture on right

Click the button below to buy SAGAT - your total will come to $80 at checkout, $65 + $15 for US/Canada shipping.

(contact me directly if interested in Toura)

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