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“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” - Vicki Baum

Class Descriptions

Find the right class for you...

The place to start for those new to Bellydance (0-6 months of classes), or for any dancer wanting to refine their foundation techniques. Learn the movements and isolations essential to Raqs Sharqi. Give yourself a solid base to work from in your dance journey.

Beginner/Level 1 Bellydance:

Beginner +Plus: 

The class for those continuing their journey with Bellydance (3-6+ months of classes) by refining their foundation movements, while adding more flair to their shimmies, traveling steps and arm positions. 

Intermediate/Level 2 Bellydance:

This class is great for those with a solid foundation of bellydance dance technique (minimum 6 months to 1+ years) who are ready to add more intricate isolations, fluidity, arm patterns, and traveling steps to their dancing.

Choreography class (Student Troupe)/ Level 2/3:

Learn a a fun and challenging full choreography in each 8-week session! Put your technique and training into motion and feel like a dancer! This class is best for dancers with 1+ years of bellydance experience (Intermediate/Advanced). 

*All students are welcome to join this class to learn the choreography, however to perform with the student troupe you must be enrolled in 1 other technique session, have a solid Intermediate technique base, and commit to a rehearsal/costuming fee. Please contact Melissa for more information and an assessment to see if  the Student Troupe is right for you.  

Advanced/Level 3 Bellydance:

Lavish layered movements, complex foot patterns, weight-shifts and turns, and putting the finishing touches on transitions, dynamics and musicality are brought together in Advanced class. *This class is recommended for dancers with at least a minimum of 1.5 year Raqs Sharqi training or more.

Need help?

Not sure which class is right for you? Contact me and we'll figure it out together!


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