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Online Class registration

Studio/Registration Policies:

- Payment can be made via Paypal buttons below, or by e-transfer to

- Payments are non-refundable, and non-transferrable (for extenuating circumstances, please get in touch directly with Melissa)

- Missed Classes: you are allowed two make-up class for each session. You can join any other live class during that session if it is not at capacity (ask Melissa first). If live classes are at capacity, you'll be offered an online class option instead. 

Class Policies:

- Classes will start promptly on time. Please try to arrive a few minutes early to the studio if you need to change, use the washroom, etc. If you're waiting in the common areas, please keep noise to a minimum. 

- If you arrive late, please enter class quietly to not disrupt the lesson. 

- Please do not wear hip scarves with coins, or any hip scarf that sheds sequins or sharp beads. Fabric and beaded hip scarves are recommended to reduce noise and shedding. 
- Respect the space around you, please only bring water into the studio. No food or other drinks. Please keep belongings stowed out of the dance floor space or in a cubby. Be mindful of your personal space and the personal space of others while dancing. 

- Respect your fellow students, the teacher, and any staff on location. Abusive language and actions of any kind (racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, antisemitism, islamophobia etc.) and any form of physical or verbal harassment will not be tolerated, and the student will be asked to leave the class and studio building immediately. 

Covid-19 safety:

I highly suggest students wear a mask during classes if possible. If you have a condition that makes it more difficult to wear a mask throughout the class you are not obligated to wear one. I (Melissa) have asthma, which makes wearing a mask for the entire duration of a class(es) sometimes difficult. However I will have a mask on hand at all times and will put my mask on when coming close to give feedback or corrections during class. It is also suggested that you sanitize or wash your hands before and after class. Both studios are sanitized regularly, have good ventilation and/or air purifiers, and windows will be opened when/if possible. Let's do our best to keep each other safe. 

Registration Policies
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