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Camp Cairo

Camp Cairo is back for another round of fantastic Egyptian artist brought straight to you for Online training! This edition features some unique and unexpected artists, ready to take you deeper in your dance training, as well as more Sagat (finger cymbal) training by the best of the best. Check out this year's featured instructors and registration details here!  -->

SHA'ABI "From down to up" with Toto 

Date: Saturday September 10th, 6pm to 8pm Cairo time
(12pm to 2pm Eastern)

Workshop description:

We will dance to Sha'abi music and learn some of the movements associated with this genre of dance, the meaning of these movements, and how they crept into the dance vocabulary.

It all matters! Attitude, quality, intensity, movements of legs, arms, waist, head, eyes, mouth, change of level, and change of direction.

“From down to up”...because in this style we descend and ascend the whole time, but also because this genre originated from the most underprivileged and populous areas of Egypt’s urban world, and has made the journey to becoming known and appreciated by all classes of society.



Sunday September 18th from 4-6pm Cairo time
(10am-12pm Eastern)

Safy Akef, granddaughter of iconic dancer Naima Akef, will share some of her legendary family secrets for technique and feeling in this  Egyptian dance workshop. Safy focuses on classic and golden era styling, and is well known for bringing out the "Dal3a" in her dance students. The workshop will be split into an hour of technique and an hour of short choreography.


SAGAT/TOURA Musician techniques with Hany Morgan

Date: Sunday Sept 11, 5pm-7pm Cairo time
(11am to 1pm Eastern)


The master of percussion, Hany Morgan is back for a 2-hour technique and combos workshop with Sagat/Toura (Finger Cymbals)! Some warmup and review of the basic will be included, before moving on the more intermediate/advanced cymbal articulation and challenging patterns.