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Camp Cairo

Camp Cairo is back for another round of fantastic Egyptian artists brought straight to you for Online training! This edition features fabulous and unique artists, ready to take you deeper in your dance training. Check out this year's featured instructors and registration details here! 

Shaabi/Pop - Lyrics and Expression with SULTANA

Date: Saturday December 3rd, 6pm to 8pm Cairo time
(11am to 1pm Eastern)


Workshop description: Enjoy a fun and informative workshop with Sultana, where she'll have us dancing to some popular Shaabi music, with a focus on the lyrics and expression in this genre of music. 


Classic Mejance (bellydance entrance) with SHEREHAN

Sunday December 4th from 6pm to 8pm Cairo time
(11am-1pm Eastern)

Learn Sherehan's beautiful, classic raqs sharqi technique and choreography to an entrance song (known as a "Mejance" in the bellydance performance world). Don't miss the chance to study with this rising star of Cairo!


SAGAT/TOURA SOLO with Hany Morgan

Date and time: to be announced soon

The master of percussion, Hany Morgan is back for a

2-hour workshop where we will learn one of his signature Sagat/Toura Solos! (Finger Cymbals). 

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