The Art of Middle Eastern Dance

Toronto, Canada

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School of Dance and Entertainment Agency, based in Toronto, Canada


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Melissa Gamal
Co-founder, Owner and Creative Director for

Ya Amar School of Dance and Entertainment Agency 


Melissa Gamal is an award-winning dancer based in Toronto. Her authentic movement style and elegant musical interpretation have made her one of the most beloved Middle Eastern dance artists in Canada. 


As an experienced instructor, her classes and workshops are sought after for her attention to technique as well as her knowledge of historical and cultural contexts. She has been invited to teach and perform across Canada, the USA, and in Egypt. 


In 2015 Melissa co-founded Ya Amar, an entertainment company focused on offering exquisite performances of Middle Eastern dance and live music. In 2019 the

Ya Amar School of Dance was born, with the goal of providing comprehensive training in various

Middle Eastern dance styles.


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