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Golden Era styling with your personal touch...

Dip into the glamorous raqs sharqi styling from Egypt’s Golden Era. Dancers from this time period were known for their subtle and expressive movements - as well as their cinema dramatics! Each dancer had their own unique personality and style on stage, which lead many to become stars - and in fact

household names to this day!


In this workshop we’ll explore important factors that contributed to the styling at the time (cultural, musical, etc.) as well as overall themes, aesthetics, and popular movements. Then we'll explore how you can add your personal touch, so you can become a Golden Era star that is uniquely YOU!

This workshop is great for anyone looking for tips and tricks on bringing out their unique personality and style on stage.

Aug 7th from 12-2pm Eastern time


$75 CAD 

Register with PayPal below, and access links will be sent a few days before the workshop.

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