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The place to start for those new to Bellydance (0-6 months of classes), or for any dancer wanting to refine their foundation techniques. Learn the movements, isolations, and patterns essential to Raqs Sharqi. Give yourself a solid base to work from in your dance journey.

Beginner/Level 1 Bellydance:

Pop Raqs! Mixed Level Bellydance:

Pop Raqs! (Level 2/Mixed Level): A fun, upbeat class set to the best Arabic pop songs from back in the day to today's top hits! This class focuses on movement drills and short, energetic combos to get you movin' and groovin' (and sweating!). 

Intermediate/Level 2 Bellydance:

This class is great for those with a solid foundation of bellydance dance technique (6 months +) who are ready to add more intricate isolations, fluidity, arm patterns, and traveling steps to their dancing.

Advanced/Level 3 Bellydance:

Lavish layered movements, complex foot patterns, weight-shifts and turns, and putting the finishing touches on transitions, dynamics and musicality are brought together in Advanced class. *This class is recommended for dancers with at least a minimum of 1 year Raqs Sharqi training.

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